Privacy Statement

Ensuring confidentiality, security, and compliance
Privacy Statement
Our Privacy Promise

We are dedicated to using and securely storing both client and candidate personal information solely for the purpose of facilitating suitable career opportunities.

While in possession of this data, we are committed to implementing best practice processes and technology to ensure its protection.

By engaging with any of our positions or submitting your CV, you agree to be included in our database for a period of 5 years.

During this duration, our consultants may periodically contact you with potentially beneficial opportunities.
Data Sharing

Before sharing candidate information with our clients, we will always seek your explicit consent. As part of our internal protocols, we may enlist third-party entities to manage your data on our behalf. In such cases, we guarantee that these providers adhere to the same rigorous data protection standards as we do, in accordance with relevant regulations.


You have the right to request removal from our database at any time, as it pertains to your personal information. If you have any queries, we are available to assist you promptly. Please feel free to reach out to us without hesitation: [email protected]