Diversity and Inclusion

At Novus Executives we play a key role in supporting businesses with diversity and inclusion, which is at the forefront of many hiring strategies in 2022.

By partnering with us, we can help you create new and fair opportunities for your people and your organisation. 

To find out more about how we can help improve your diversity and inclusion please contact our team on enquires@novus-executives.com.


The Benefits of Diversity and Inclusion

By encouraging diversity in the workforce, businesses benefit from increased financial performance, innovation, productivity, engagement and reputation.

83% greater innovation in organisation committed to diversity.

36% profitability differential between the most and least ethnically and culturally diverse companies

39% of candidates have declined to join an organisation due to lack of inclusion. 

(Source https://business.linkedin.com/talent-solutions/resources/talent-strategy/creating-equal-access-to-opportunity )

Having strong diversity and inclusion also helps attract and retain talent. It helps create a sense of belonging and acceptance within the workplace and encourages new voices to speak out.

Diversity and Inclusion can also give people the confidence to improve their career and personal development.   


How we support Diversity and Inclusion

At Novus Executives we strongly believe in the importance of diversity and inclusion which is why we use the following practices to create equal access to opportunities.

Data Insights

Data insights plays a key role in helping us evaluate businesses current level of diversity and any areas where they can improve.

We also provide insights into their specific market and how their business compares against others, allowing us to not only meet their industry standards, but to surpass them.

Wide Talent Pool

For all our searches we use a wide talent pool taking into consideration all elements of diversity, from age, ethnicity, gender, physical abilities, and sexual orientation. We also take into consideration parallel industries and geographical locations that might have a higher diversity representation.

We use an inclusive approach when constructing the criteria and advertisement for the vacancy, making sure we use the right language and description to attract a diverse range of candidates.

Unbiased Candidate Assessment

At Novus Executives we use a detailed Candidate Assessment which identifies the strength and weaknesses of a candidate against a specific criterion. We help businesses set the criteria based on their requirements whilst ensuring it provides equal opportunity for all.

By using a clear quantitative approach to assessing candidates, it maintains consistency and eliminates any unconscious bias from the hiring process.

We also, where possible, use a diverse interview panel to assess candidates. At Novus Executives we are proud to have a diverse range of consultants representing our search consultancy. Find out more about the Novus Executives team.

To find out more about how we can help improve your diversity and inclusion please contact our team on enquires@novus-executives.com  


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