Dedicated Search

When it comes to high quality hires, it should not be a race where recruiters are pitted against each other to get a candidate as quickly as possible.     

By using this approach businesses are putting all the focus on speed and ignoring the importance of the quality and suitability of the hire.  

Alternatively, by using a Dedicate Search, also known as a retained search, it guarantees you make the right hire for your business.


How does a Dedicated Search Work?

Instead of wasting time working with multiple agencies, when you use our Dedicated Search, we become your trusted partner, providing you with a committed and focused service.

We will work closely with you to establish your requirements and gain a comprehensive understanding of your business and company culture. We use a personal approach and become an extension of your team, providing you with market insights and valuable industry advice, such as compensation benchmarking.  We deliver an overview of the talent available in the market within the identified targeted competitors. Therefore, ensuring confidence that you have really reviewed all potential candidates for the role.


Improved Candidate Experience

Through our Dedicated Search, you can guarantee potential hires are not being inundated by multiple agencies and are instead treated with the utmost respect.

You also receive full control over the candidate experience, your employer brand and how you are being represented to the candidate market. Most candidates we approach for a dedicated search are not actively looking to change jobs and will only do so for the right opportunity. Therefore, it is paramount the initial approach to the candidate creates the impression of an exclusive and focused approach.

As an extension to your team, our dedicated consultant will provide candidates with a full overview of the opportunity and they will be able to answer any questions with ease. 


When to use a Dedicated Search?

A Dedicated Search can be used in several scenarios and not just for C-Level positions. Clients are regularly turning to dedicated search for a more bespoke, targeted and ultimately successful search.

Some of the scenarios in which a dedicated search is suitable include C Level Positions, Confidential Searches, Team Moves, Critical Hires, Niche Talent Pool, International Hires, New Markets, Diversity & Inclusion Hires, Succession Planning and Internal benchmarking.


Other Client Services

Candidate Assessment

By using a comprehensive candidate assessment, you will be able to review possible hires not only on their skills, knowledge, and abilities; but the potential they could have within your organisation. 

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Executive Search

We believe that the selection of an organisation’s management and executive team is one of the most crucial decisions an organisation can make and one which requires a bespoke search strategy.

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Diversity and Inclusion

We play a key role in supporting businesses with diversity and inclusion. Helping them create new and fair opportunities through data insights, wide talent pools and unbiased candidate assessments.   

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Candidate Experience

When moving companies, it is important to have an search consultancy you can rely on for genuine support and advice. At Novus Executives we see the candidate experience as one of the most important aspects within the hiring process

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The Novus Executives Team

Our team acts as your partner, using their knowledge, market insights and decades of experience to provide the best possible service.

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Global Reach

As an international Investment search consultancy, with offices in UK, Netherlands and Singapore, we support our clients on a global scale, helping them to find top talent, no matter the location.

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