Candidate Assessment

By using a comprehensive candidate assessment, you will be able to review potential hires based on their skills, knowledge, abilities, and behaviour style. This allows you to not only assess their strengths and weaknesses, but the potential they could have within your organisation.

At Novus Executives our approach utilises rigorous competency-based interviews, background checks and personality assessments to ensure the candidates you review have been thoroughly screened, allowing confidence you are making the right hire the first time.


How we Assess Candidates?

As part of our assessment process, we conduct competency-based evaluations with the candidates, scoring them against the desired abilities highlighted in the client briefing. This often takes place over a number of interviews.

We then provide a summary pack of the shortlist candidates, presenting the results in an easy-to-read table, allowing you to quickly identify the candidates core strengths.

By assigning percentages to the competencies, it ensures you can assess candidates’ strengths against the areas that matter most.


Matching Candidates with your Culture

Company culture refers to the beliefs and behaviours of an organisation, which influence the way they interact with the world.  As part of our search process, we take the time to truly understand your business and culture. This enables us to not only find the right skills and experience, but the right person for your organisation.  


Diversity and Inclusion

By using a quantitative assessment during our process, such as a scoring system, this allows us to reduce any biased opinions during the assessment. Supporting businesses with their diversity and inclusion plays a key role within our services. 

Which is why we work closely with our clients to set out a candidate assessment criterion that promotes fair opportunity for all. We also use a diverse assessment panel where possible, in order to help reduce any discrimination and make potential hires feel more at ease during the interview process.

To find out more about our approach to Diversity and Inclusion please click here.


Personality Testing

When required, we work with partners to offer personality testing as part of our assessment process.

Personality testing provides a detailed insight into the candidate’s workplace behaviour, their emotions, how they will work with others and solve problems.  

This not only delivers invaluable information about whether they are the right hire, but also insights into how you can support them fulfil their full potential within your business. Resulting in greater engagement, retention rates and revenue.

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Other Client Services

Dedicated Search

Through our Dedicated Search, we become your trusted partner, providing you with a committed and focused service, which ensures you make the right hire the first time.

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Executive Search

We believe that the selection of an organisation’s management and executive team is one of the most crucial decisions an organisation can make and one which requires a bespoke search strategy.

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Global Reach

As an international Investment search consultancy, with offices in UK, Netherlands and Singapore, we support our clients on a global scale, helping them to find top talent, no matter the location.

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Diversity and Inclusion

We play a key role in supporting businesses with diversity and inclusion. Helping them create new and fair opportunities through data insights, wide talent pools and unbiased candidate assessments.   

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Candidate Experience

When moving companies, it is important to have an search consultancy you can rely on for genuine support and advice. At Novus Executives we see the candidate experience as one of the most important aspects within the hiring process

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The Novus Executives Team

Our team acts as your partner, using their knowledge, market insights and decades of experience to provide the best possible service.

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